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Daycare Kutztown Overview

Shaynah Kinner (Pennsylvania Dutch for “Cute Kids”) daycare Kutztown has been entrusted with parents’ most prized possession for over 30 years. Shaynah Kinner preschool Kutztown is independently owned and operated and very proud to have been a trusted part of the community since January 2nd, 1981. Our experience has given us the distinct advantage of knowing how to best serve the parents and children who live in our area. Your child’s well-being is our primary concern.

The Dedication and Professionalism of our staff is second to none. That is a very big plus for our center! Our staff has the experience and compassion to give each child the special attention they need. We will help your child become an independent, hard worker, who is kind, respectful to others, proud of them self, and ready for the challenges in life.

The atmosphere is clean and neat. The staff is directed to ensure cleanliness of all surfaces that children come in contact with. Shaynah Kinner childcare Kutztown encourages structure and teaches the children to clean-up after themselves. The walls are always colorful and cheerfully decorated. There are windows in each room allowing in natural sunlight and a feeling of openness. The room layout is designed for safety but also allows the children the freedom to explore and have fun. The PA Department of Welfare License allows us to care for 36 children at any one time. The state required “teacher to child” ratio is 1:10. As policy, we exceed state regulations by operating at a ratio of 1:7 to 1:8. This allows us to provide the individual attention that we know is so important to your children.

Service, Safety, Security childcare Kutztown

Special services are provided for your convenience. During the school year the school bus will pick up your child right by our front door. We will pick up your child at school and keep him or her at the center until you come to pick up your child. We will take your school age child swimming during the summer months.

Safety and Security are top priority at Shaynah Kinner preschool Kutztown. The entrance door has a parent coded security lock and buzzes each time it is opened. Our policy demands that all of our staff monitor the entry way each time that buzzer sounds. The outside play area is fenced in with locks on all the gates. Special Care has gone into the play equipment and layout of the play area to maximize child safety.

Activities and events preschool Kutztown

Shaynah Kinner child care Kutztown provides a wide variety of activities for its children for fun and overall development. Children have the opportunity to play on our playground, enjoy games, music, projects, art and many other activities in both individual and group settings. The outdoor play area consists of a basketball court, “tyke” track, sand box, sliding board, and swings.

Our art program provides the tools to develop your child’s artistic abilities. Paper, pencils, and crayons are always available for spontaneous creativity. Our “Kapers for Kids Curriculum” encourages your child’s involvement and stimulates the artistic values that are so important to your child’s development

Here are examples of events at Shaynah Kinner daycare Kutztown

Police, Fire and Ambulance personnel visit us

Pumpkin Patch Day at Shaynah Kinner

Preschool Weekly Reader

Swimming, library, and park visits in the summer

Pennsylvania Dutch instruction weekly

Little Chick, Butterfly, Tadpoles and Frog projects in the spring

Halloween and Valentine Parties

Easter Parade to the Quality Shoppe for our Easter treat and juice

Children and their parents have a project to make an Easter bonnet to wear in our parade. Of course, the Easter Bunny leads the parade!

The Highlight of our year – our annual Jubilee – This is an event to honor our graduating preschoolers. They wear pink and blue gowns. Each child does a solo song or poem. They sing group songs, perform in a rhythm band, and speak Pa. Dutch. It’s a wonderful night of entertainment.

Shaynah Kinner is…

“Your Child’s Home Away From Home”